Monday, January 13, 2014

L01. Experimental Film School : Introduction

This lesson is a part of the "Experimental Film School" course for beginners.

My goal is to cover all the steps involved in the film making, starting from idea to posting to youtube.

I believe in "Experimental Learning", so the structure of the course will be in the same pattern.

I will develop, write and produce a short film during the course.

I will be discussing the basic film making procedure and various tools required for film making, software plus hardware.

This part is well structured and I advice you to read or watch in the order.

Course is divided into three obvious parts.

A. Pre Production

B. Production

C. Post Production

Every lesson will have a theory section and a practical session adopting that theory to our short film.

There will be tips and tricks constantly added for intermediate or advanced filmmakers in separate section.
So please do check them in the "Tutorials" section in future.

During the course, I will minimize the use of commercial software, but you can learn them elsewhere, or in the advanced section.

The goal of the Beginners course is, to introduce the concepts of film making, but not the professional film making tools.

Once you get to know these basic concepts, the advanced techniques can help you become a professional filmmaker.

I presume that my audience have no film making experience.

If you think this course is too low for your standards, please skip to the tutorials section to find particular .

Note: "This course is all free and if anybody is trying to sell it to you sue them first and come back."

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