Wednesday, February 12, 2014

L03 : Experimental Film school : Pre Production - Elements of screenplay

Elements of screenplay :

Scene Heading







These elements are used to format a script.

Lets discuss briefly each of them.

A Scene Heading  also know as a Slug line is a one line description of the location and time of the scene.

It should be always in Capital letters, but almost all screen writing software in the market takes care of the formatting, so we don't have to worry about the specifications.


Here first part will be either INT or EXT refers to interior or exterior.

Second part to describe the location.

And third part refers to the time of the day (DAY, NIGHT, DAWN etc)

Action part of the script contains the description of the events happening in the scene.

It also contains scene directions, visual information, sound ques etc..,

Every thing that can be seen on the screen and heard (except dialogue) should be written as action.

It always starts from left margin of the paper.

Ex: JESSY is sitting idle. She opens facebook on her computer.

When a character is introduced first time in the script it should be in Capital letters always.

Character element is used prior to the dialogue spoken by that particular character.

Unlike action character is always written at the center of the line followed by dialogue

Dialogue is the next element that always follow a character.

                                           Dialogue spoken by the above character

Ex :                                                    JESSY
                                           Hey Josh...

Parenthetical is used to convey the mood, hidden agenda or subtext of the character

Ex :                                                    JESSY
                                                      (Sad and tired)
                                           Hey Josh...

Shot is used to describe the framing. But it is not commonly used element unless required.

Ex:  CU on Jessy...
       Wide Shot of Office room

Transition is used to describe the scene to scene transition.


In the next lesson we will apply this knowledge to write our own script " Ex Password"

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